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ADR & Restore

Breathing new life into old records
​Enables ADR even in extreme conditions.

1. LP, Tape Remastering

LPs and Tpae loved by many are restored as digital files and newly mastered.

2. Remove noise 

We restore transcripts that require accurate content verification or samples whose originals have been lost. It accurately separates loud background noise and voice and restores it as a clear digital file.

3. Instrumental production

Existing instrumental (MR) production took a lot of time and money because of the process of analyzing and re-recording the original. Yuil Soundworks utilizes the latest technology and know-how to produce an Instrumental file with one AR file.

4. Production of audio data for ADR work

Extracts and restores audio data so that the original multi-track can be lost, or ADR work suitable for the situation for voice actors' practice. 

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