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​work cost

U-il SoundWorks provides flexible services that fit your budget and schedule. We offer estimates and alternatives that are suitable for everyone, from companies to individual artists. 

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corporate customers

U-il SoundWorks can issue tax invoices to all corporate customers, and VAT is not included 

​Independent Artist

​In the case of independent artists who do not belong to large agencies, we present a more reasonable alternative. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. 


1 Pro (4 Hour) - 250 USD

Operating fee is separate.

Vocal, instrument recording (single part / solo), string quartet (4 people) 
​If you need to shoot for commercial purposes, please contact us.


1 idol group song - 1,300 USD

Offline work, based on 1 idol mixing work, there are no special restrictions on mixing modification, and various performances from performance formats to inst work are possible.

1 piece of game music - 1,000 USD

offline work. Based on hybrid orchestral music mixing, there are no restrictions on mixing modifications.


Stereo mastering 1 song - 200 USD

​Stereo Stem Mastering 1 song - 300 USD
Album mastering - negotiable

We will prepare an Inst file at no additional cost. In addition, we prepare all formats (WAV, FLAC, MP3) required for distribution.

If online work is required, please contact us separately. ​

Restore Audio

Please contact us separately because source analysis such as interviews, podcasts, on-site recordings, etc. should precede. I will give you the most reasonable estimate and working hours in the industry.

Inst (MR) production

Using the industry's best technology and know-how, we produce Inst (MR) with AR tracks. 

1 song Inst Work Cost: 50 USD
- Consultation of additional costs based on difficulty and requirements.

Turnkey contract

1. What is the turnkey contract?

- It means an integrated contract for recording, mixing, and mastering, which are essential processes for sound source production. 

2. What are the advantages of turnkey contracts?

- You can organically manage all the files required for sound source production. 

- Unlike common single contracts, more reasonable production cost execution is possible.

working overseas online

1. If you need to work online in North America, Asia, Europe, etc

- If you write an email in English and ask us, we will respond kindly. 
- Due to the nature of overseas online work that cannot be met in person, there is no limit to the number of modifications.

2. How do I pay for the work?

- We use PayPal service to safely pay for it. 
- Prior to the final approval of the customer, no pre-payment is required. 

3. Is it possible to work on a specific platform?

- It is possible to optimize work for specific platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Netflix, etc. 

- Mastering with a special target is also possible.


  Moonsoo Park - Recording & Mixing

Lee Jun-yong - Mastering

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