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Definite loudness, low-end energy and balance.

We provide mastering that meets global standards.

01. Definite Loudness

​Provides reliable loudness for all playback environments. 

02. Deep bass energy

The basis of modern music is low-frequency energy with balance and depth. We provide the highest level of results in an accurate monitoring environment.

03. Hybrid Mastering

Our mastering work is done in a hybrid mastering method that combines the advantages of analog hardware and digital plug-ins. 

04. Stem Mastering

Do you have any regrets during the mixing process? We also provide Stem Mastering, which can relieve customers' regrets.  

05. We provide all the formats you need

WAV 96Khz 32bit float
WAV 96Khz 24bit
WAV 48Khz 24bit
WAV 44.1khz 16bit
MP3 320 Kbps

​We provide all required formats for distribution. 

06. Fits customer needs

We listen to the needs of various customers, such as turnkey contracts for dramas, movies, albums, etc. We are ready to offer reasonable cost and working time.


1. What files should I prepare?

- You must send the file that has been mixed. Required files are AR, Inst, and Vox files. 
AR means that the file that has been mixed is extracted as it is, and in the case of Inst, it means that only the instrument parts are extracted excluding 'vocal and chorus'. In the case of a Vox file, it means that only all vocals and choruses are extracted except for the instrument parts. If you send these three (AR, Inst, Vox) files together, more precise tone control is possible. 

2. What is Stem Mastering?

- Stem Mastering, unlike general stereo mastering, means mastering work with a more subdivided mixing source. For example, in the past, if you only proceeded with AR, Inst, and Vox files, in the case of stem mastering, you proceed with mastering with more subdivided bundled files such as Drums/ Bass/ Key/ Rhtm/ Vox/ Cho, etc._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

- If you have a lot of regrets in the mixing process, or if you want a more detailed work, you can create better results by proceeding with the stem mastering work. 

3. Is there any additional cost for visiting the studio?

- We highly recommend visiting and working on the studio, and we do not charge any additional fees or consultation fees. 

Mastering is the final stage before the release. Musicians, producers, and producers should of course visit the studio to discuss and work with engineers. 

If you can't visit due to the limitations of distance and time, you can also work online.

4. How long does it take to work?

- It takes about two hours to visit the studio on the same day. Working hours may change depending on the condition of the mixed sound source. 
- If you e-mail the mixed sound source in advance, we will work on it in advance so that you can check and finish it quickly when visiting the studio.

5. What kind of work does mastering do?

- Mastering is often misunderstood as simply increasing the final volume and sound pressure. Mastering is a process of maximizing the advantages of a mixed sound source and making it a final product. 

If a certain part of the vocal part makes a lip pop, the overall performance will be poor. Mastering is the process of modifying all these minor parts to produce the most convincing musical result. 

- One Sound Works promises the best mastering results with leading skills and know-how in the production industry.

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