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1. In what format should I send the file?

- You can send it in the format you worked on (EX: 24bit 48Khz). Lossy formats like MP3 are not suitable for mixing. 

2. Does the source need to be in sync?

- Within about 3 minutes of music, there may be sources that only appear for a few seconds. When sending sources, regardless of the length of each source, all sources must be set to the same section before sending. 

3. I want to proceed with the pitch and time signature. What should I do?

- Pitch and beat are very delicate areas. Therefore, it is most accurate for musicians to edit directly. If you need a tune job, please contact us and we will kindly guide you. 


1. What files should I prepare?

- You must send the file that has been mixed. Required files are AR, Inst, and Vox files. 
AR means that the file that has been mixed is extracted as it is, and in the case of Inst, it means that only the instrument parts are extracted excluding 'vocal and chorus'. In the case of a Vox file, it means that only all vocals and choruses are extracted except for the instrument parts. If you send these three (AR, Inst, Vox) files together, more precise tone control is possible. 

2. What is Stem Mastering?

- Stem Mastering, unlike general stereo mastering, means mastering work with a more subdivided mixing source. For example, in the past, if you only proceeded with AR, Inst, and Vox files, in the case of stem mastering, you proceed with mastering with more subdivided bundled files such as Drums/ Bass/ Key/ Rhtm/ Vox/ Cho, etc.
- If you have a lot of regrets in the mixing process, or if you want a more detailed work, you can create better results by proceeding with the stem mastering work. 

Turn key contract

1. What is a turnkey contract?

- It means that recording, mixing, and mastering, which are essential processes of sound production, are carried out under an integrated contract. 

2. What are the advantages of a turnkey contract?

- You can organically manage all files required for sound source production. 

- Unlike general single contracts, more reasonable production cost execution is possible. 

Overseas online work

1. If you need online work in North America, Asia, Europe, etc.

- If you write an email in English and inquire, we will respond kindly.

- Due to the nature of overseas online work, which cannot be met in person, there is no limit on the number of revisions.

2. How do I pay for work?

- Pay securely using the Paypal service.

- Prior to customer's final approval, we do not require prepayment.

3. Is it possible to work for a specific platform?

- It is possible to optimize for specific platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Netflix.

- Targeted mastering is also possible.

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